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£6.99 vs £29.50: Battle of the ‘all-nighter’ foundations
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In the words of Lionel Richie, sometimes you need your foundation to last (go on, sing it with us) ‘All night long. All night.’  How many times have you perfectly applied your base for a night out, only to catch sight of yourself in the mirror at the end of the evening with a red, shiny face?  Where did your make-up go? God knows, but it probably went walkabouts with your lost bank card and dignity.

For when your normal foundation won’t cut it, long-wearing formulations come in. These guys are engineered to take you through heavy nights, festivals or any other outrageous activities – especially if you have oily skin. Pop one of these on at dusk and it’ll still be looking fresh when the 3am takeaway pizza arrives. But does a higher price point mean longer wearing? There’s only one way to find out…

The best foundation for a night out

Blow-the-budget: Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation, £29.50

Formula: This liquid foundation is not only extremely pigmented - a pea-sized blob is more than enough to cover your entire face (this bottle will last you ages) - but it’s also waterproof and oil-free. It’s designed to absorb away oiliness to keep you shine-free. Applying it with my fingers gave me the best result – brushes made it go a little streaky. The shade I tried (1.5) oxidised on my skin after a few minutes, so test out a few shades first to see if they turn darker on your skin.

Finish: It’s has a matte, yet luminous finish and once it’s set it ain’t budging. This is a full-throttle, full coverage foundation, so you can expect a flawless result (this is not for you if you want light or medium coverage). There’s no need to build this up, one thin layer is more than enough, otherwise things can get cakey.

Longevity: It looked completely flawless even after eight hours of wear and it photographed well. However, it did gather in my crater-sized pores and had settled into the fine lines around my eyes where I tend to be a bit drier.

Shade range: The range has 24 shades, including a spectrum of fair to dark shades.


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Budget-buy: Barry M All Night Long Foundation Stick, £6.99 (launching 28th March)

Formula: This stick formulation has a smooth, creamy consistency with medium coverage that can be built up if desired. It’s enriched with vitamin E and is vegan-friendly. It feels very hydrating to wear and blends well with fingers, sponge or a brush.

Finish: Expect a luminous finish that doesn’t dry down. This formula is buttery enough that you can layer and rework if needed, without it getting heavy or cakey.

Longevity: This held up pretty well after eight hours, however, it had separated a little on my oily t-zone (it had also completely disappeared on my chin), but on my cheeks it was still going strong and looked fresh. The shade stayed true to the colour as I wore it too.

Shade range: 8 shades are available, which mostly cater to lighter/medium skin tones.


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The verdict:

So should you save or splurge? Which one you’ll get on better with depends on your skin type. Drier skins will struggle with UD’s All Nighter Foundation, as it has a tendency to highlight dry patches and settle into fine lines. For combination or oily skin types, you’re bound to get on well with this. It not only covers anything (redness, acne scarring, your hangover – the coverage is second to none) but it combats shine well and stays indestructible for hours. When your mates are looking sloshed in the photobooth pic, you’ll be looking fresh as a daisy. However, if like me, you have XXL pores, then you’ll need to go in with a primer first to prevent it sinking in to them. The shade range of UD’s foundation is impressive too.

If you have skin that’s more on the normal/dry side, then Barry M’s All Night Long foundation is great. Thanks to the hydrating vitamin E formula and creamy texture, it helps keep your complexion quenched and glowing from selfie to sundown. What’s more, the stick is nimble enough to carry in your bag for touch ups and at £6.99, it’s not the end of the world if falls out of your bag on a night out. For greasy skin types though, this may turn into a bit of an oil slick.

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